At Ménage-Experts, we strive to offer you a service that meets your expectations.

We’re here to make a sparkling difference!

Cleaning of common areas in condominiums

With Ménage-Experts, it's friendly and impeccable common areas for condominium owners. Entrust us with the maintenance and cleanliness of your buildings.

Commercial cleaning and professional office cleaning

The Ménage-Experts team offers cleaning services for your offices, lobbies, corridors, conference rooms, employee rooms, cafeterias, waiting rooms, restrooms, and more.

Concierge and disinfection services

Our concierge team will take care of cleaning and disinfecting thoroughly all surfaces frequently used by users.

Cleaning of medical centers and other facilities

At Ménage-Experts, we understand the importance of carefully cleaning public or private healthcare facilities to meet applicable cleanliness and safety standards.

Cleaning of schools, colleges, and universities

It is essential to use a cleaning company to prevent the reproduction of bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning of daycare centers and early childhood centers (CPE).

It is essential that the environment is healthy, clean, and safe for the children.

Cleaning for gyms, recreational, and sports centers.

Our team will take care of the cleaning and disinfection of sports halls and gyms for you.

Floor stripping, scrubbing, waxing, and polishing services.

Our specialists will bring new life to your flooring with our stripping, waxing, scrubbing, and polishing services.