Cleaning for gyms, recreation and sports centers

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* Training rooms are known to be vectors of bacterial transmission that spread rapidly due to the collective use of the equipment. Thus, these are places that require meticulous cleaning to reduce and prevent any form of outbreak.

Our team will take care of the cleaning and disinfection of sports halls and gyms for you. We put at your disposal a qualified staff, a service up to your expectations and very competitive rates.

  • Cleaning the common toilets and disinfecting all the sinks.

  • Vacuum and mop floors and carpets.

  • Clean and disinfect all training equipment and machines.

  • Wash and disinfect benches and locker doors.

  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces in the training area.

  • Disinfect all surfaces highly touched by users.

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.The goal of Ménage-Experts is to ensure the cleanliness of your establishments so that your users are at ease in the accomplishment of their exercise.