Cleaning of common areas of condominiums

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With Ménage-Experts, common areas are friendly and impeccable for the co-owners, entrust us with the maintenance and cleanliness of your buildings.

The common areas should not be neglected, because this can cause a rapid deterioration of the state of the premises. Thus, our professionals are there to make the difference and make you benefit from their expertise in cleaning.

  • Clean lobbies, aisles, corridors, stairs and elevators.

  • Cleaning of common washrooms.

  • Maintenance of common areas, gyms, locker rooms of the common pool.

  • Take out garbage and recycling bins.

  • Cleaning the entrance doors and their frames.

  • Vacuum and wash all floors.

  • Clean fire escapes as needed. *

Cleaning of common areas

Meticulous cleaning service for common areas of condos

The Ménage-Experts team adapts to the reality of your condominium and we make sure that the premises are clean.

A quality housekeeping service for common areas for co-owners. Thus, our experts will ensure that your buildings are more magnificent than ever.